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December 4, 2013
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Slave Of My Own Demon by SaraSaeed95 Slave Of My Own Demon by SaraSaeed95
Hmm I think I over used something here xD ah well
What to say about this piece..
This work is more like personal but I'll say what's happening here anyway :) since a lot of you know I do self harm..
It's about me and how I've been feeling lately about the relationship between me..and my razor...I never think of throwing it away, it has my blood stains on it that I don't want to wash, it's a part of me..and honestly, I stopped cutting for the reason that I'm depressed, now I do it just for, I just enjoy looking at my blood, and I feel like a demon inside me that I really have to feed..when I'm bored at night and when everyone sleeps I feel something inside me is awaken like seriously..sometimes it's hard to hold it, I feel it's a strong lust for something, and after I'm done, at the same time I feel it's telling me you did good little girl, and also feeling regret a bit for adding more cuts to my thighs....
I'm not bragging about this, sometimes I wish I was away from the whole cutting and being moody thing sometimes I want to this girl in the pic and the blood is like starting to consume her starting from her hair and into her body, it's what I see inside my mind, all I want is pure red blood, so she's getting eaten by the blood freak demon and has nothing to do but giving in to him...
Wow look at all this nonsense xD but really it's true, go ahead you can judge me now....I deserve to be called a stupid psycho, I don't always type a description about art of my own feelings I don't like to speak it out this way
I was listening to this when I was close to finishing it…
Well thanks for reading if you do ^-^

Comments please?
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You've come a long way in a short time :) not many can put down the razor without serious help. :)
SaraSaeed95 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I figured I only needed a companionship :) and I am so thankful I got someone to fill the space for me :heart:
:heart: and I am thankful to you.
SaraSaeed95 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
EnoughSilence13 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I mostly cut to punish. But a couple times I went really deep and I almost died, so now I try to stay superficial.
I hope you feel better. I think it's so cool that you can use art to express yourself. Your art is SO amazing! :)
SaraSaeed95 Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you feel better too, hurting yourself really isn't gonna solve anything, I haven't done that lately
Thank you so much :)
You describe my feelings so perfectly... Both with your art, and with your words. 
You are a true artist. Thank you.
SaraSaeed95 Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so glad I could do that :) thank you for you kind comment! <3
once again, thank you.
Adejln Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great! looks a bit like Alice frem Madnes returns :D
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